…..It most definitely has a nice ring to it!

This year Conquer The Bridge celebrates a decade of hard work, innovation, perseverance, and incredible growth primarily because of the thousands of women who  have embraced our race as walkers and runners. Our amazing Teams have continued to grow because of our wonderful Team Captains who work so hard to encourage their members to take Labor Day and make it their’s to CONQUER

Conquer The Bridge is not the easiest race by a long shot. We like to say this is the race “you earn your medal.” 2018 will proudly be our 10th. year of walking and running the Bridge, and we will once again be joined by 100’s of women and men from our active military as the featured event of Fleet Week 2018 on Labor Day Monday.

We hope you will join us with your family and friends to Conquer The Bridge!

Thank you so very much…

VICTORY Breakfast

Information on the CONQUER THE BRIDGE 10 VICTORY Breakfast right after your race will be available soon.