Every year we receive inquiries from individuals wishing to "help us out" on Labor Day. Imagine that, offering to get up early on a National Holiday, and trekking on down to 5th. and Harbor Blvd. in San Pedro to assist us in producing the Conquer The Bridge Race! That my friends is what it really takes to make our race work. An event like ours belongs to the community it serves. It would be impossible to do this without our dozens upon dozens of volunteers. The first year we ran, 2009, we simply didn't have enough help to do the job the way we wanted. We knew we needed more help. In 2010 we joined forces with the LAPD Harbor Division Cadet Program. They will be our Non-Profit Partners again this year. Without their help, and the amazing assistance of the LAPD, it would be virtually impossible to do what we do. It is a partnership that is mutually beneficial, the way any partnership should be.

When most of you are still sleeping, we have 30 plus guys up on the Bridge, in the dark, laying down the mats and carpet to cover the 8 grates on the Bridge so you can pass safely when you cross. Ever wonder how and when that happens? It happens because we have great volunteers who do the heavy lifting to make it as safe as we can for all of you.  They are simply amazing. 

So, here's the deal. If you or somebody you know would like to become a part of our team on race day, please drop us a line at info@conquerthebridge.com. We need your phone number, what you think you can do to best help us that you are comfortable with. We don't need heroes, we need volunteers. The pay is non-existent, the pleasure is immense, and know that each and every one of you is a valuable addition to making our race an even better event for the community.

Thank you so much for considering us on Labor Day 2018!!!